Qigong and Breast Health

Qigong and Breast Health Training

This is a full-day session for women who want to learn how to care for themselves and others using Qigong practice and a natural approach to health. We believe everything is energy, and energy needs to flow freely in the body. When energy gets stuck, the body responds by “showing” us signs of pain, discomfort and even tumors. Our goal for this class is to teach you how to create energy flow through the breast area. We also talk about how to view energy stagnations and share ways to create better balance

Our intention is to empower women with tools of self-healing so life threatening issues do not become a lifelong problem. This program is good as an add on to your preventative program and to support healing from previous breast surgeries.

During this session you will learn seven Wu Ming Qigong movements that guide energy through the breast area. Women report a renewed sense of hope and vitality once they practice for several weeks.  We also touch on the importance of lifestyle balance including emotions, and share several tips. These two key components allow women to build a better relationship with their bodies.

We explore traditional Chinese medicine’s view of breast cancer by looking at the body’s energy pathways called meridians. Chinese medicine states, that when energy flows freely, disease cannot enter. There are major energy lines that run through the breast and Qigong practices can help keep those lines flowing smoothly.

Once learned, we encourage you to share this knowledge with other women. Join us in our goal to prevent fear and empower women to care for themselves.

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This class will be taught at a later date.

May 6, 9:30 am – 3:30 pm

Registration is through Tcmworld.org.

This workshop is open to all women. We hope you will join our efforts to empower more women!

For additional information on breast cancer and Chinese medicine, visit breastcancer.com