Qigong and Breast Health

We offer two options,  a two part Zoom session to introduce you to these practices and get you started on your healing journey.

For those who wish to share this practice with other women, we offer a full-day training session. Due to Covid, training sessions have been postponed.

We believe everything is energy, and energy must to flow freely in the body for good health. When energy is stuck, the body responds by “showing” signs of pain, discomfort and even tumors.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to practice 7 specific Qigong movements
  • Why Qi flow is important
  • What impacts Qi flows
  • What meridians flow through the breast
  • What style of eating supports everyday health
  • Why stress release is important for women
  • How to release stress

During our 2-part session, seven Wu Ming Qigong movements are taught with the intention of strengthening the digestive system and guiding energy through the breast area. Women report a renewed sense of  vitality and hope as they practice for several weeks.

We explore traditional Chinese medicine’s view of health by looking at the body’s energy pathways called meridians. Chinese medicine informs us, as energy flows freely, disease cannot enter.  Did you know that emotions have a way of unbalancing the body? We explore that too.

Join us and learn how to listen to the body for greater health.

Next Session

Virtual Class

2 virtual sessions will be held on, May 5 and May 12, 10:00 AM(ET)

For additional information on breast cancer and Chinese medicine, visit breastcancer.com