Tao of Healing School

Welcome to the Tao of Healing School. The Tao of Healing school is a community of individuals seeking serious life discoveries. Often we know there’s something missing, but have no idea what. This path will help you discover many of life’s mysteries. The Tao of Healing Qigong school is open to serious students who are looking for a traditional style of learning. Group classes as well as retreat weekends enable students to be part of a growing community of consciousiously aware individuals.

Local students attend classes in New York City or New Jersey, while long-distance students have the opportunity to attend several weekend intensives and Qi Weekends with the larger Qigong community.

Energy Everybody everyday

Once a month, New York and New Jersey students gather at our center for a special birthday mediation. Together we create a unique energy field to celebrate those born in that month. Birthdays represent the gift of Universal life and are an important time in Qigong study. This gateway helps us connect to unlimited space and the unlimited love of the Universe.

About Qigong Study

Wu Ming Qigong Foundation I

During this period, students build their energy foundation, or Qi, by learning a specific set of Wu Ming Qigong movements and postures. They learn how to view the external body as a reflection of internal balance. With quality Qigong practice, students are able to advance to Wu Ming Qigong Foundation II within 2-3 months.

This initial phase is an important time in Qigong practice. By building a strong foundation, students are setting the stage for future growth. It also enables them to determine if Wu Ming Qigong is the right path and allows the master to see the students potential to grow energetically and spiritually.

Wu Ming Qigong Foundation II

Now your grasp of the concepts and practice of Qigong are pretty good. You see changes in your body, health, and life, and all around you. You feel reconnected to an energy and consciousness in a way that is natural and exciting. Your self-cultivation is at the point where your desire to learn more and practice at a different level is great and persistent.

Your questions become more profound and one’s connection to Universal consciousness become more clear. Time is spent in group settings to answer questions. Internal balance and self-healing opportunities become more apparent.

Zhuan Gong (Opening Channels)

A very rare and precious gift, Opening Channels is an energy transfer from master to student. The message inherent in this transfer functions like an energy key for you to unpack and apply the entire Wu Ming system in your body, mind and spirit. It’s like an internal road map to the Universe.

Opening Channels is a unique component of our Wu Ming Qigong program because Tao of Healing is under the guidance of a master who is capable and willing to give this energy transfer. Zhuan Gong is offered once the Grand Master determines readiness.

Wu Ming Qigong Advanced

After Opening Channels, students continue their Wu Ming Qigong practice and self-cultivation in this class, where the energy message received from the Grand Master guides individual practice. The prerequisite for the advanced class is completion of Foundation levels I and II as well as Opening Channels.

When and Where (Currently there are no in-person classes)

Class Times: Wu Ming Qigong – Foundation I and II

New York: Tuesdays, from 6:30–7:30 p.m.
New Jersey: Thursdays, from 6:30–7:30 p.m

Qigong classes are held in New York City at our center and in Montclair, New Jersey at St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Qi Weekends - An Opportunity for All

Three times a year, the entire Qigong community—including local, national and international students—comes together to attend Qi Weekend retreats. Together we have the opportunity to practice for extended periods and to engage in meaningful discussions.

We use the Bagua energy formation as the foundation for our weekend practice. Each student randomly chooses an element as a means to connect to Natural Law. This allows students to go within and apply the deeper spiritual teachings that make Qigong practice complete. Students continue to apply their personal element for the next 100 days until we meet again at the next Qi Weekend. These retreats are held three times a year at the Garrison Institute in Garrison, New York.

To learn more about the Tao of Healing School, call us at 212-274-0999 and ask for Irma or Elaine.