May 13 - June 3

Energy, Everybody, Everyday®

With: Beth Anesi

Date: Friday, May 13th for 4 consecutive weeks

Time: 8:30 a.m. (EDT)

Price: $149

What You'll Learn

Everybody needs Energy, Every day and 3 E Qigong can help you accumulate  additional energy resources.

The program is fun and encourages the body to flow freely. As you practice, you will notice the difference in your mood and overall well-being which makes this class good for everyone!

3 E Qigong consists of three powerful energy movements and a standing meditation posture. Once learned you’ll practice to the beat of a drumming track created by Grand Master Lu.

To further enhance your results, you’ll be given a complimentary download of the drumming music.

We encourage you to practice everyday to continue to build-up your energy reserves!

About Your Instructor

Beth Anesi is a longtime student of Grand Master Lu and has had the privilege to teach Dragon’s Way Qigong ®, The Four Energy Gates, and Qigong for Breast Health to a variety of audiences. She looks forward to sharing this new program with you.