Qigong Meridian Therapy Training

September 10 - October 22
Tao of Healing Center

Qigong Meridian Therapy Training

Day One Training September 10, 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Day Two Training October 22, 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

14 PDA through NCCAOM

QMT practitioners study the foundation of traditional Chinese medicine and how meridian pathways flow. Qigong postures are taught with the specific goal of increasing personal Qi and stamina for performing this type of acupressure. Together, these elements develop a QMT practice that help practitioners work efficiently with clients to achieve the best emotional & physical healing results.

Training Includes:

  • Basic theories of traditional Chinese medicine
  • Specific Qigong movements to enhance the practitioners personal energy
  • Hand techniques to ensure the treatment is effective
  • Learning targeted acupoints to release energy blockages
  • A complete energy treatment routine for tuning-up the body

Goals & Objectives

1) To review and learn basics of acupressure/tuina massage and hand techniques, meridian theory, and acupoints to release Qi blockages and enhance meridian Qi flow

2) To learn a highly effective and efficient 10-25 minute protocol that can be used as an adjunct to acupuncture therapy or modified to be a standalone treatment to tune up and enhance the entire body’s Qi

3) To learn Qigong postures that strengthen the practitioner physically and energetically to enhance both body and Qi, to support the regular practice of QMT and for best results in patient outcomes.

4) To gain experience with performing QMT on a wide variety of body types.


QMT training will be taught by Tatiana Philippova, MS, L.Ac.  Tatiana  is a gifted practitioner who has trained and worked under the guidance of Grand Master Nan Lu for over 25 years.

Registration Procedures

This class is open to 20 students and will take place at:

The Tao of Healing Center
34 West 27 Street
12th Floor
New York, NY 10001

To register, complete the form below.

What Others Experienced

The Qigong Meridian Therapy training was profound. My life shifted. My practice shifted. After putting the powerful wu ming qigong and treatment protocol in place, I have found my myself and my clients relax deeply and find tremendous pain relief. 

The Qigong Meridian Therapy training breathed new life into my 16-year massage therapy practice. It is so effective that I stopped doing traditional massage altogether and have practiced QMT exclusively for the past seven years. The deep physical relaxation combined with the profound energetic healing of QMT naturally empowers my clients. They see better results faster and on a deeper level of awareness. QMT has taken me and my practice to a whole new dimension!  Michelle Clowe, QMT, LMT

QMT training enabled me to develop and hone skills that I practiced as a nurse.  We practiced Qigong movements to build and conserve our own energy levels, as well as specific techniques to provide the best quality treatments. We received instruction in a small group, hands on practice opportunities were ample, and individual guidance was provided by the incredible team of instructors.  My clients are amazed and see benefits including pain reduction, improved flexibility, and improved sleep. Esther Rudnick RN, BSN

 QMT training has pushed me energetically forward, expanding my knowledge and experiences of the meridian system. It focuses on movements that help me acquire new skills, challenge myself to grow, and stimulate the release of stress in others to aid the healing process. Moreover, it feels incredibly satisfying to receive a QMT treatment.  Janine Berger