Qigong: A Complementary Approach to Breast Health (Intensive)

April 12 - 26

Training: Qigong for Breast Health

April 12, 19, 26

In Eastern traditions, we’re taught that when energy flows, disease cannot enter.  Energy flow is impacted by lifestyle, stress, and poor diet to name a few.

This class is devoted to building energy flow through the breast area with Qigong practices, understanding how to improve the digestive system, and assessing the impact of stress on healthy Liver function.  (Liver is the main organ responsible for women’s health!). More on this during the class.

Previous attendees: This training is considered your refresher and with successful completion you’ll have permission to share the movements on Zoom.

Are you looking to find natural ways to heal from or prevent breast cancer?  If so, we’d like to help you get started. The key to breast health and all women’s health issues begins with a healthy digestive system. We’ll outline some steps and suggest foods that will put you on a healing path. Next we’ll teach you specific Qigong movements that guide energy through the breast area. The final part to this training is to discuss lifestyle and the impact of stress on inner balance. Your body is your most loyal friend. Take time to learn more about yourself.

*Offering 6 PDA’s through NCCAOM

Classes meet over Zoom for 75 minutes. You must attend by video only.

Registration is through TCMWORLD.ORG