Qigong for Breast Health: Learn then Share

September 13 - 27

Training: Qigong for Breast Health

September 13-20-27

Eastern traditions of health and healing focus on energy flow as the key to maintaining good health. Energy flow is impacted by lifestyle, stress, and poor diet to name a few. This class will address rebalancing the body from a Chinese medicine point of view using Qigong practice and natural healing tips/guidance.

Previous attendees: A refresher will strengthen your abilities to share these teachings with other women.  Returnees may use coupon code energy23 for a discount.  (returnees only please)

  This two-part series is a program of TCM World Foundation to support the wellbeing of women.

  • Part One Sept 13 930 AM (ET)
  • Part Two Sept 20 9:30 AM (ET)
  • Part Three Sept 27 930 AM (ET)


  • Why breast cancer happens from an energetic point of view
  • How do emotions enter into this health issue.
  • What stimulates the progression
  • How to start self-healing

Actionable Aspects:

  • 7 Qigong practices
  • Guidance on foods for healthy digestion
  • Stress-let’s talk stress and how to release its dangerous impact on the body!
  • What kind of energetic eating style

Teaching Options

  • Guidance on sharing the movements and concepts with others.
  • Teaching kit for future classes
  • Certificate of completion


Go to Youtube Live to listen and participate


Help yourself then help others. From an energetic point of view there is much more to learn about preventing and healing from breast cancer than is commonly known in the West. Learn 7 targeted Qigong movements, understand how to support the digestive system, and a fresh view of stress and its long term impact on health. Once learned we encourage you to share with other women.


You will be redirected to TCM World Foundation for more info and to register. 6 PDAs available.

Are you looking to find natural ways to heal from or prevent breast cancer?  If so, I’d like to help. The key to breast health and all women’s health issues begins with a healthy digestive system.  Tips will be shared along with suggest healing foods. Next I’ll teach you Qigong movements to enhance  energy flow through the breast area.  Lifestyle and stress play a major role too so tips will be shared to increase inner balance. Your body is your most loyal friend. Take time to learn more about yourself.

*Offering 6 PDA’s through NCCAOM

Learn more on breastcancer.com

Classes meet over Zoom for 75 minutes. You must attend by video only.

Registration is through TCMWORLD.ORG