Find Your Gift of Sensitivity

Emotions are invisible events. But where do they come from? And how can you understand your emotions differently?

We are living in a three-dimensional reality; therefore, we have to follow the rules of a three-dimensional reality. In this rule, the body still counts. You still use the body, so the body becomes the vehicle, the body becomes the mirror, the body becomes the middleman. The body is going to give you all the information between your mind, your soul and your external reality. Your emotions are just events—invisible events. You have to ask yourself “emotions come from where?”, “belief comes from where?”, “mind comes from where?”.

All of your feelings come from inside you—never from outside of you. You have a feeling, then you throw it out externally to find a match—a frequency match. If I don’t have anger, then I would never know what is called anger. That is why we always say, “Don’t teach your kids negative thoughts. They are pure, they don’t know. “Are you angry” why do you say that? You should say “Are you so happy?” Don’t teach the little kids, “Are you depressed?” then you teach the kids to associate with this feeling called depression. Otherwise kids just have feelings, they don’t have a vocabulary. So, you have a vocabulary now, now you have true feelings, it’s an organ response with the outside. It is you inside. You have anger, then outside anger is a match.

You have love, then outside love is a match. You have beauty, outside beauty is a match. If you have an eye for beauty, then we say you have good taste. Where does taste come from? It comes from inside, taste never comes from the outside. You have good taste inside then you look at the outside. Elaine has good taste, she can dress well, she has a good eye. It is inside you, not outside. So, all of our feelings are inside.

When we practice we increase our internal sensitivity. But don’t use “oh, I’m very sensitive” as an excuse. Sensitivity is a gift and allows you to understand you are connected to external reality. But through this connection, there is a purpose. You see what you want to see. Now when you see, do you see the anger? So why do you see the anger and you do not see the happiness? Or you do not see the fear, or you do not see the sadness, or you do not see the frustration, or you do not see that people want to get their freedom?

There are many things that can be there unless you change your belief, which will allow you to see things differently. That means that you open yourself. The arrangement of your feelings changes, your inside changes, therefore you will be able to connect to outside feelings. Once you change inside, then you will be able to see or feel outside; that will allow you to see things differently. So, you have to change inside. First you have to understand that you are holding the key. You have to say I want to change; therefore, you can change. Every event has its own purpose. So, based on your belief, you go through this emotional event. Once your belief changes, the purpose will change. Belief change—purpose change.


Sensitivity is a gift that allows us to understand our connection to the larger Universal picture. Your physical body is a mirror to help you see what is happening deep within. It helps you to connect your mind, soul and external reality.

All of your feelings come from within you. Your emotions are invisible events that send messages of energetic balance or imbalance. You hold the key. If you want to change yourself physically, emotionally or spiritually, you can change. Once you change your beliefs and your perspective, you will open yourself to seeing through a new lens. Every event has its own purpose. When your beliefs change, your purpose will change.