Necessary Tools for Cooking

Once you learn how to use one good cleaver, you’ll never turn back! Which one is right for you?

There are many varieties of knives on the market, but one good one can make all the difference. Here, you’ll learn about the different types of knives available and the benefit to having one large cleaver. Be sure to protect your fingers before you begin!

  • Before using a small cleaver, become familiar with its weight and feel.
  • To keep your fingertips protected, roll them under as you place them on the item you are cutting.
  • The cleaver can now be guided by the area between your two knuckles.
  • Slowly chop your food in a downward motion.
  • Once you become comfortable using a cleaver, you may never need another knife!

Learn More

If you're inclined to learn how to chop, practice on celery, carrots, and potatoes.  Add them to broth to make a warming soup. another option is to chop apples and pears. These foods cut easily and are a good starting point. Eventually, your skill will improve, and you'll notice how quickly you can prepare your meal.

Enjoy the experience.