Energy Massage for Eyes

Cellphones and computers can cause eye strain. Give your eyes a break. Try this technique.

These simple tips and techniques help you nourish your eyes, get better sleep and release stress and tension:

  1. Find the acupoint between the index finger and thumb finger. Look for the spot that is tender and massage it for two minutes.
  2. Find the space between your eyes on either side of your upper nose. Gently make circles and pull out to help your eyes relax. This exercise will also help you to have a peaceful sleep.
  3. Use your thumbs to push up toward the eyebrows. If you find the right spot, tension releases immediately. If you suffer from headaches or have sinus problems, this spot might hurt. Continue to gently massage this area.
  4. Bend your index fingers and gently pull them over your eyes, from the inside corner of the eyes toward the ears.
  5. Rub your hands together to accumulate warmth and hold your hands over your eyes. Nourish yourself!

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Here are a few more tips:

  • Take mini breaks from your computer every 30-60 minutes to focus your eyes on a green plant or take a walk outside.
  • Limit cellphone usage by checking texts and social media feeds in 3-hour increments or less.
  • Turn cellphones off before going to bed.