Tao of Morning Qigong

Tao of Morning Qigong

As a traditional Qigong master, Grand Master Nan Lu welcomes all students seeking the ancient art of Qigong practice for self-cultivation and healing. Tao of Morning Qigong is a rich experience of guided Qigong practice that meets twice a week over Zoom and includes 2-3 support sessions.

Who attends Morning Qigong Class?

Students are committed individuals looking for a guided Qigong practice within the Wu Ming Qigong lineage and want to be challenged to reach higher levels of awareness.

Through consistent Qigong practice the body is able to draw on powerful resources to improve health, release emotional stress, and move into a state of well-being.

“Health is not static. It is up to you to discover the answers that lie within.” GML

During Tao of Morning Qigong classes, Grand Master Lu expands your understanding of the master-student relationship to include Nature as our Master Teacher. Each season is a new semester of learning, a continuous opportunity to align with the Universal frequencies for inner transformation.

Tao of Morning Qigong Details

Class meets Tuesday and Saturday morning at 8:00 AM (ET) over Zoom.

(Tuesday’s are generally a review and practice)


Grand Master Lu meets with students to discuss deeper questions.  (Third Sunday of each month at  7:30 PM (ET).)

Support Calls: Practitioners Irma and Elaine answer questions and practice with the group. (Second and fourth Sunday of the month at 7:30 PM (ET))

Classes are NOT recorded or available for future viewing.


Classes meet every Tuesday and Saturday with a new session beginning each month. For your convenience, your credit card will be charged $99.00 monthly on a recurring basis. You can stop your membership at any time by visiting your membership account.

$99.00 month

8 Live practice sessions (sometimes more depending on the month!)
Ask your Questions of Grand Master Lu. the third Sunday of each month.
2 Support/practice sessions with instructors Irma and Elaine

What others have Experienced

  • Loss of fatigue with a renewed sense of excitement
  • Greater flexibility
  • Sleeping better
  • Balanced emotions
  • Improved digestion
  • Blood sugar stabilization
  • Prostate improvement
  • Loss of hot flashes
  • Understanding of Qi
  • Commitment to quality Qigong practice
  • Understanding of nature’s influence on the body

Tao of Healing T-Shirt

Have you attended 3 consecutive sessions?  That’s a huge step in your commitment to personal cultivation and we’d like to invite you to purchase our Tao of Healing tee shirt which symbolizes oneness.  The Yin/Yang symbol embodies balance and interconnectedness of all things. Harmony is the ever changing goal. Wear this symbol over your heart as you practice Qigong with Grand Master Lu.

A Taste of this Sessions Qigong Class