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Qigong is a vehicle to help you connect to Universal life source. This understanding is thousands of years old and was discovered by many gifted masters. They organized their wisdom into frameworks of logical thinking so we could apply them to our lives, even today.

To study and apply these teachings takes time and a commitment to quality practice. As your understanding grows, so too will the relationship between your body and mind. You’ll begin to see how emotions play out on the body. You’ll see how situations in life are not accidental but a reflection of your thinking.

Body Level: Your body is your loyal friend. It carries everything for you and expresses your consciousness through symbols commonly known today as illness. I believe there is no illness, rather undiscovered purpose. With increased Qi, stagnations begin to release which allows the body to function more harmoniously.

Mind Level: Your emotions are the manifestation of your beliefs and affect you in many ways. Emotions, when constantly held will show on your body. When you learn to change your view of life, including everyday situations, the mind becomes more peaceful and the body continues to respond and rebalance.

Spirit Level: When body and mind flow as one, the Spirit is able to express its true purpose. Qigong practice will help guide you to this level because now your understanding of Universal consciousness is expanded.

Energy Everybody everyday

Energy for Everyday-Everyone can benefit from a daily healing practice. This 3 E practice is simple, yet powerful.

Discover how Qigong can be applied to every aspect of your life.

To see change and transformation in your life it’s important to continue the learning process. These are materials that will support you while learning on your own.

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