About Grand Master Lu

Nan Lu, OMD, is a doctor of Chinese medicine, author, teacher, speaker, state-licensed acupuncturist, and Qigong grand master who inspires others to transform their health and lives. He is the founding director and president of the Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation and the Tao of Healing in New York City. The holder of two ancient Chinese medicine and martial arts lineages, he devotes his life to studying, applying, and teaching the unique body-mind-spirit wisdom of TCM and Wu Ming Qigong.

Grand Master Lu brings a rare synthesis of more than 35 years of scholastic and clinical experience to his teachings and trainings. He received a doctorate in TCM from Hubei University of Chinese Medicine and is a clinical associate professor at SUNY Stony Brook, School of Social Welfare. He is a master herbalist and an internationally recognized Taiji expert. His skills include the healing essence of food as well as calligraphy and music.

Among his accomplishments is the establishment of a foundation, center, school, and clinic devoted to the authentic roots and practice of Wu Ming Qigong and traditional Chinese medicine. His programs, developed in collaboration with his Master Xi-hua Xu, often offer continuing education credits for physicians and acupuncturists. Their most recent endeavor is the development of Xiao Dao, a vastly different modality not found in a book that can be used in any health care or counseling setting. 

A cutting-edge achievement, through the Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation, was the development of 15 conferences on Building Bridges of Integration for TCM. It offered practitioners and health seekers alike innovative and effective ways to expand healthcare options and improve outcomes.

Grand Master Lu constantly seeks ways to support students and practitioners, ranging from organized group programs to small gatherings at his retreat facility for self-cultivation or special training sessions. The Dragon’s Way Qigong® Deep Dive Retreat, held at the Garrison Institute, deepens the practice of students and introduces others to the system’s healing benefits. Three times annually Grand Master Lu brings together Wu Ming Qigong students for “Qi Weekend” to practice energy movements, learn the concepts behind TCM, and infuse more playfulness of Spirit into their lives.

In addition to training and certifying hundreds of practitioners of LifeForce: Tao of Medical Qigong, Qigong Meridian Therapy, and Qigong and Breast Health, his instructors of Dragon’s Way Qigong® are found in 20 states as well as France and Iceland. More than 200 workshop participants have been taught Xiao Dao.


Grand Master Nan Lu is the author of books on health and healing. Purchase of these books support TCM World Foundation.

Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function

Dr. Lu’s latest book speaks to the multidimensional issues of modern-day health. What if the solution to overcoming serious health challenges, like those of metabolic syndrome, is hiding in plain sight? What if you are the real answer to healthy metabolism function?

Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Woman’s Guide to Healing From Breast Cancer

This groundbreaking book explores how Chinese medicine understands women’s health. Dr. Lu discusses breast health and breast cancer from a unique perspective. He outlines the early warning signals of breast issues.

Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Woman’s Guide to a Hormone-Free Menopause

Nan Lu, OMD, skillfully guides readers to understand that menopause is a natural transition in a woman’s life. He outlines various reasons why the body manifests symptoms related to menopause and offers a holistic approach to dealing with common discomforts at the body, mind, and spirit levels.

Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Natural Guide to Weight Loss that Lasts

In this best-selling book on traditional Chinese medicne and weight loss in the West, Dr. Lu offers a powerful self-healing program that has helped tens of thousands of individuals achieve true wellness. This book is your guide to his popular program, Dragon’s Way Qigong®.

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Increasingly Westerners are turning to complementary healthcare for advice on prevention, how to address chronic conditions, and how to regain health and maintain wellness. Traditional Chinese medicine, a complete holistic medical system in use for thousands of years, provides a natural, safe, and effective approach to helping address modern health issues.