Classes and Trainings

Wu Ming Qigong classes and trainings affects every aspect of your life. Through quality Qigong practice, one is able to harmoniously merge body and mind to reawaken self-healing abilities.  Deep understandings occur that reveal how emotions show on the body, as well as lifestyle and relationships. Through awareness, self-adjustments organically happen on the energetic level which reawaken your body’s natural healing abilities.

Serious cultivation takes time and commitment to discover the meaning of Oneness and what is meant by body, mind, Spirit healing. Over time, you can learn how to apply these teachings to yourself, your family and in a professional setting.

My teachings are open to everyone. From joining the Tao of Healing School to joining practitioner trainings, classes are offered at various levels. Practitioner trainings are intensives that involve higher levels of Qigong practice and a deep understanding of Natural Law according to Chinese Medicine.

Continuing education credits for medical doctors, acupuncturists and health care practitioners are offered for most Qigong classes and trainings.

Qigong Classes

Practice Qigong Live with Grand Master Nan Lu two mornings a week right from your home.

Medical Qigong

A rigorous training program, Tao of Medical Qigong is a gateway to use energy for healing purposes. Taught exclusively by Grand Master Nan Lu.

Dragon’s Way Qigong® instructor training is an immersive experience into health and wellness that will far exceed your expectations. Experience the exciting world of TCM and learn how and why Qi healing is the path to health.

Qigong intensive for women who want to learn how to care for themselves and others using traditional Chinese medicine practices.

Often referred to as massage, Qigong Meridian Therapy (QMT) is a full body energy stimulation of the meridian pathways.

Grand Master Lu invites you to deepen your relationship with him as your teacher and expand your capacity to carry the essence of the Wu Ming Qigong lineage.