Qigong and Breast Health

Help yourself then share with other women so they too can feel the healing power of the body. In this 3-part intensive you will merge into the body’s healing wisdom.

We believe energy flow correlates with healthy outcomes.  Stagnation of energy flow is the root of all illnesses.  When energy is stuck, the body responds by “showing” signs of pain, discomfort and even tumors.

Breast cancer prevention is a multi-facetted approach that includes body and mind.  During this session, several aspects of whole person healing will be discussed including emotional balance, reducing stress and improving digestive health.

Class Dates

Virtual Class

2024 dates TBA

6 PDAs through NCCAOM

What's Included?

This series on women’s health includes:

  • 7 Qigong postures specific to breast health
  • How to develop better energy flow through the breast
  • After effects of stress and how to begin the release process
  • How to shift your eating style for a healthier digestive system
  • Learn why the digestive system is key in breast cancer healing and prevention
  • How to teach these postures to other women

Materials you get free:

  • Qigong Instructional video
  • Educational booklet
  • 6 PDAs through NCCAOM
All participants must attend on video to ensure the Qigong practice is done properly.

This class is taught by Elaine Katen, longtime student of Grand Master Lu and Director of The Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation.  For more than 20 years Elaine has been immersed in the field of TCM supporting herself and helping others to apply ancient traditions for self-healing.

Seven Wu Ming Qigong movements are taught with the intention of strengthening the digestive system and guiding energy through the breast area. But we don’t stop there.  It’s important to become aware of the impact lifestyle has on healthy outcomes.  Packed into 3 sessions, you’ll get a mini course in TCM’s view of the body’s ability to heal.

Explore traditional Chinese medicine’s view of health by looking at the body’s energy pathways or meridians. Chinese medicine informs us, if energy flows freely in the meridians, disease cannot enter.  Did you know that emotions have a way of unbalancing the body? We explore that too.

For additional information on breast cancer and Chinese medicine, visit breastcancer.com