A Taste of Qi!

Begin your Qigong experience by following these few steps.

Watch the video in the header above.  It’s a Qigong practice called, Energy, Everybody, Everyday (3E Qigong).

We all need energy to maintain health and well-being. The 3E practice is a simple, yet powerful set of Qigong movements that will help you gain emotional and physical balance. With daily practice you will get your Qi moving,  allow the body to manifest natural healing and build a strong foundation. Like anything that’s built, the foundation is very important. Once this level is achieved, you’ll be ready for additional cultivation.

For best results:

    • Practice this routine daily and become aware of how your body is changing.
    • Practice the 3Es for a few weeks before adding in some of our other Qigong practices.

Next steps

Practice the Four Energy Gates shown below.  They will encourage energy flow throughout your body by stimulating four major energy intersections.

Relax your mind

The Spirit Gate Breathing meditation below is a great way to connect to the wisdom in your ancestral line. Find a quiet place to listen to this meditation and allow your mind to be free.

The Four Energy Gates are major energy intersections that work together to stimulate the body.

Often referred to as reverse breathing, this powerful meditation will help you relax and tap into your ancestral line.

qigong forms for instructor certification

Qigong is a vehicle to help you connect to Universal life source. Learn more about this ancient art.

Continue Your Journey

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Being a student has given me back myself. It’s the most amazing experience to have trust and faith that allows me to continue on this healing journey.``

Go Deeper

To deepen your practice, you may want to check out these options:

To deepen your application of teachings takes time. Our events are intended to support your ongoing personal growth.
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About Grand Master Nan Lu
About Grand Master Nan Lu
Grand Master Nan Lu shares the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine. He has been in clinical practice for over 35 years and has instructed students in the art of Wu Ming Qigong practice.