Deepen your relationship with Qi and extend your ability to carry the essence of the Wu Ming Qigong lineage.

Energy for Everybody, Everyday (3E) is a series of Qigong movements that gently relaxes the body. With proper practice, the movements will stimulate meridians and allow the body’s energy to flow more smoothly. The results lead to emotional and physical balance.

This routine is beneficial to people of all ages.

  • Learn how to practice the 3E movements for maximum results.
  • Discover the finer points necessary to reach these higher levels.
  • Learn how to teach each movement including the most important points to call-out.
  • Dedicate to steady practice, connect with increased internal/external balance.
  • Private membership portal with instructional materials.
  • Drumming sound track included for instructors to use in personal programs.
The simplicity of this series makes it easy for each person to sustain a high-quality Qigong practice day after day.
-Grand Master Lu

In this sacred Master – student transmission, participants will:

Learn a simple, yet powerful set of Wu Ming Qigong movements, the organs related to each movement and the specific instructions to guide participants through the practice for maximum benefit.
Get support from Grand Master Lu to cultivate their movements and grow their capacity as teachers who can deliver the essence of the series to their students.
Demonstrate that they can do the movements properly after which they will receive Grand Master Lu’s permission to teach the movements in person or online.


May 11, 18, 25, and June 8th.

Additional information and registration here.

Tuition and Registration

Cost $400.00

Registration is open to Dragon’s Way Qigong instructors and Life Force Tao of Medical Qigong instructors as well as members of the NQA.  Others may participate but will not have Master Lu’s permission to teach these forms.