3E Training: Energy Everybody Every Day

May 11 - June 8

Who Qualifies

This 4-week training is for practitioners of Tao of Medical Qigong, Dragon’s Way Qigong® and members of the NQA.  Grand Master Nan Lu lectures on the purpose of each form, and in interactive sessions teaches the routine. Energy for Everybody, Everyday (3E) is a series of Qigong movements that deeply relax the body yet are easy for everyone to do. Upon completion participants have permission to share the forms in classes.

Interactive and Lecture Based

Exploring the 3E Qigong System

Session 1: Foundation and Overview

  • Understanding the multifaceted objectives of 3E Qigong
  • Importance of connecting with the purpose of each posture
  • Lecture on the principles and philosophy of 3E Qigong
  • Qigong practice

Session 2-3

  • Practice session to deepen understanding and proficiency
  • Guidance from Master Lu on form corrections and energy cultivation techniques
  • Individualized feedback and adjustments to enhance personal practice

Session 4: Culmination and Presentation

  • Mini presentation by each participant on the 3E Qigong system
  • Demonstration of one chosen form with explanation of its significance


  • Emphasize the practitioner’s role as the key to unlocking the true benefits of Qigong
  • Highlight the importance of understanding and embodying the practice for lasting results
  • Encourage continued exploration and refinement beyond the curriculum for ongoing growth and development

“You are the key. Your understanding of how and why differentiate your results and teachings from a short-lived technique style. Results must come from the energy field. To reach this level, the practitioner must be able to show, talk, and feel the practice.” — Grand Master Nan Lu

Event: 3E's Qigong 4-Week Training