All programs are temporarily suspended. We will reschedule all events once group gatherings are formally approved. In the meantime, starting March 23, Grand Master Lu will be hosting a daily podcast to offer guidance and answer your questions.

calendar_todayOpportunities to Learn in 2020

March 8, April 5, and May 3

Qigong Meridian Therapy

QMT and Cupping for Knee Pain, This three-part training is for those who have completed the initial QMT training phase.

March 15 - 30

Corona Virus Prevention

Prevention rather than fear will help you move through these times of uncertainty. This virtual program will include three live calls with Grand Master Lu, Qigong practices, eating for prevention plan, herbal supplements, and a private Facebook forum.  To register visit


March 26 - 29

Dragon’s Way Qigong® Instructor Training

Dragon’s Way Qigong® brings the body and mind back to balance through Qigong practice, diet, and Five Element Consciousness for healthy living. Trainees experience a period of self-cultivation, then receive permission to bring classes to their community. Training begins at the Dragon’s Way Qigong  Deep Dive Retreat.

30 PDAs through NCCAOM granted.

March 27 - 29

Dragon’s Way Qigong…Deep Dive Retreat

Garrison, NY

Immerse yourself in a weekend retreat and experience the balancing power of Wu Ming Qigong practice. If you are new to Dragon’s Way Qigong we’ll get you started, If you’re a seasoned participant, we’ll take your practice to the next level. Learn more on


May 6

Qigong for Breast Health

A full-day workshop for women to learn how to use Qigong practice to enhance breast health. Once learned, we encourage you to share the information with other women. To register, email us at

6 PDAs Granted

June 7 - 14

Medical Qigong 2

Catskill Mountains

This class is open to those who have completed LifeForce, Tao of Medical Qigong One and are actively treating others. Level Two is an intense training that increases your Qi, teaches you how to focus your energy, and immerses you in Five Element Consciousness as the framework to analyze client concerns.

CME and PDAs applied.

Completed in Three Phases

Medical Qigong 1

Catskill Mountains

Preliminary Studies: Oct. 1 – 4, Catskill Mountains
Intensive November 14 – 22, Catskill Mountains
January 29 – 31, 2021
LifeForce Tao of Medical Qigong is an intense training for those looking to use energy for healing purposes.

CME and PDA applied. (Each have been granted for prior programs)

December 5 - 6

Xiao Dao Level 2

Apply Xiao Dao to menopausal conditions. Continue the discussion with Grand Master Lu as he helps you analyze cases and applies the Xiao Dao system to menopause and other issues. Pre-requisite Xiao Dao Level 1.

CMEs and PDAs Applied (previous year granted)