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September 4 - 28

Tao of Morning Qigong: September

Each month a new session begins, challenging students to reach their full energetic potential. Grand Master Lu aligns classes with the energy of the season and practices along with students. Five Element Consciousness concepts are woven into each class to create a rich learning experience.
September 22

Guided Meditation: Autumn Equinox

Join Grand Master Lu as he leads us in a guided meditation connecting us to the transformative essence of the Autumn Equinox.  It is a powerful time of balance when the yin/yang energies are in perfect balance.
October 5 - 12

Chinese Medicine and Women’s Health

Chinese medicine reminds us of the miraculous gifts women possess.  It also shows us how stress and lifestyle impacts overall health. During these two evening talks, Grand Master Lu will discuss how the body falls out of balance, how to regain that balance and what you can do to ensure you're on the right path! Attend on Youtube Live 7:00 PM (ET) Tuesday, Oct. 5, 12
October 12 - December 8

Refresh One-On-One

34 West 27 St. 12 Floor, Salt Room, New York, NY
Need an additional boost to your current Qigong practice?  Here's your opportunity to "UP" the quality of your practice and gain better results with Irma or Elaine.
October 17 - 27

Strengthen Your LIfeForce: Autumn Qi Experience

Had enough? Ready to let go? With confusing information surrounding Covid and its variants, it's important to experience and learn more about the balancing power your body possesses. We'll help you replace fear with confidence.  3 lectures on the healing gifts of Chinese medicine, Qigong and more.
October 18th at 9:00 a.m.

Free Practice Class: Qigong and Breast Health

We would like to honor the miraculous healing gifts of women by sharing a free qigong class on breast health. All women, at one point, experience some form of breast tenderness, dense breasts or other related issues. Our Qigong protocol can help reduce and resolve some of these issues. Join us and experience the difference.
October 24 - November 16

Treating Covid-19 With Chinese Medicine

Professional training. Approach Covid-19 and its variants from a holistic method. Grand Master Nan Lu teaches a complete treatment protocol that effectively treats COVID-19 from a true functional medicine approach. Continuing Education credits available.