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July 28 - 28

Qi Thursday’s

Qi is the foundation for your very existence and is the life force that allows you to heal from and prevent disease. Qigong posture, Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth will help you accumulate more Qi.
August 11

August Full Moon Practice

August’s full Sturgeon Moon will appear on the night of Thursday, August 11, reaching peak illumination at 9:36 P.M. Eastern Time. Look toward the southeast after sunset to catch a glimpse of the Sturgeon Moon rising. Tap into it's evening glow at 9:30 PM (ET).
September 6

Tao of Morning Qigong

This class is for students looking for a steady Qigong practice under the guidance of Grand Master Lu. He challenges students to reach their full energetic potential by sharing teachings in a traditional manner.
September 19

Instructor Training in 2022

As a certified instructor, you will be able to take the powerful system of Dragon's Way Qigong to your community, incorporate it into your life or simply begin a new career. Yes, this program has the potential to help you make a living while helping others step into a whole new way of living life more fully. It’s a win-win for everyone!!
September 21 - October 19

Training: Qigong for Breast Health

Chinese medicine "speaks" to the body in various natural forms. From Qigong exercise to diet and emotions, each carries the potential to support the body to return to or remain in a state of balance. Prevention is the key and developing healthy inner flow is our intended result.
October 9 - 16

Fall Seasonal Journey to Immune Health

During the fall season, Lung energy can benefit from additional support. The Lung is responsible for distributing Qi to all your organs and therefore plays a key role in immune health. Join us for Qigong practice geared towards seasonal energies. More info will follow in Sept. Save the Date!