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Tuesday and Saturday

Tao of Morning Qigong

This class is for students looking for a steady Qigong practice under the guidance of Grand Master Lu. He challenges students to reach their full energetic potential by sharing teachings in a traditional manner.
Every Thursday

Qi Thursday

Qi is the foundation for your very existence and is the life force that allows you to heal from and prevent disease. Qigong posture, Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth will help you accumulate more Qi.
Dec 7

December Full Moon Practice

December’s Cold Moon reaches peak illumination on Wednesday, December 7, 2022, at 11:09 P.M. EST. December’s full Moon is most commonly known as the Cold Moon—a Mohawk name that conveys the frigid conditions of this time of year, when cold weather truly begins to grip us. This full Moon has also been called the Long Night Moon, as it rises during the “longest” nights of the year, which are near the December winter solstice. This name is doubly fitting because December’s full Moon shines above the horizon for a longer period of time than most full Moons.
January 11 - 25

Qigong: A Complementary Approach to Breast Health (Intensive)

In Eastern traditions, we're taught that when energy flows, disease cannot enter.  Energy flow is impacted by lifestyle, stress, and poor diet to name a few. This class is devoted to building energy flow through the breast area with Qigong practices, understanding how to improve the digestive system, and assessing the impact of stress on healthy Liver function.  Previous attendees: This training is considered your refresher and with successful completion you'll have permission to share the movements on Zoom.
February 13 - May 1

Dragon’s Way Qigong® Training in 2023

As a certified instructor, you'll take the powerful system of Dragon's Way Qigong® to your community, incorporate it into your life or possibly begin a new career. Yes, this program has the potential to help you make a living while helping others step into a whole new way of living life more fully. It’s a win-win for everyone!!