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Qi Thursday's

 7:30 PM (ET) over Zoom

About Qi Thursday:

Qi is the foundation for your very existence and is the life force that allows you to heal from and prevent disease.  The powerful Qigong posture, Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth will help you accumulate more Qi if done properly and for a sustainable period of time. To help you reach this level we host a weekly free practice on Thursday evenings.
Qi Thursday has been so well attended and the community reports that the practice has helped increase positive outcomes. We’re so excited by the feedback and welcome the opportunity to continue Qi Thursday for the next few months.
Everyone is welcome!
The larger the field the greater the results.  On a consciousness level, we come together in a complete circle and with one intention.
Don’t know how to do the Qigong posture?
We’ll teach you how to gain the most out of the posture!
We’ll then practice together for 30 minutes.  Sounds like a longtime but in a big Qi field you’ll be able to build your stamina quickly.

Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth; A powerful Qigong posture for increasing Qi levels.

This posture as a stand alone Qigong practice is very powerful but we want to amplify your Qi results by creating an energy field with hundreds of like-minded people. Together we will hold this posture for 30 minutes every Thursday evening until the end of August.
Practicing together establishes a pattern to quiet the mind and allows the body to develop strength to stand for longer periods. So mark your calendars now and make a personal commitment to build your Qi for greater self-care!
Continue to practice during the week, on your own and multiply your Qi impact!

Establishing Quality Practice

We’ll teach you how to properly hold this posture at the beginning of each session.
Can’t stand for that long?  Well you can stand for as long as you can then finish the practice by sitting in meditation.

How to Access the Call

There’s NO need to register.  If you are currently a Basic Member you will automatically receive the Zoom link to this meditation.

*Complimentary session but you must arrive on time.  Late sign-in’s will not be admitted. 

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