Tao of Medical Qigong Training

October 31
In Person

Tao of Medical Qigong

Tao of Medical Qigong is a profound and advanced form of Chinese medicine healing. In this ancient practice, practitioners utilize their own Qi, or life force energy, to jumpstart healing in others. Additionally, they develop the knowledge and skills to empower clients to tap into their own self-healing potential.

To truly master the art, one must first undergo rigorous internal energy training.  As practitioners progress in their training, their Qi levels reach a high vibration. This vibration stimulates the microcosmic orbit within the body to connect with the macrocosmic orbit, creating a powerful flow of energy.

Practitioners also learn how to view the human body through a deep understanding and application of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theories.


To be prepared for this serious class, one must successfully complete Dragon’s Way Qigong® Instructor training or be a student of Tao of Morning Qigong for three months.

Our requirements are designed to ensure that you have established a solid energy foundation with knowledge of TCM principles and are fully prepared to participate in Tao of Medical Qigong training.


$6,900 (payment is due in full 1 month prior to the start of the class)

Fee includes: 

  • Medical Qigong training with Master Nan Lu
  • Tao of Healing Qi Weekend fee but not Room and Board at the Garrison Institute
  • 9-Day room and board – Catskill Mountain retreat house
  • Support and guidance from senior Medical Qigong practitioners

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