Chinese medicine uses its deep understanding of Qi to understand health. Simply put, meridians are our internal energy pathways that connect to Universal Life Source.

“How can we understand Chinese medicine? Where does it come from? Chinese medicine does not come from Qi. Qi is just the vehicle. Chinese medicine comes from the meridians. To understand Chinese medicine you must understand meridians.

Has anyone watched the movie The Matrix? At the end, he (Neo) sees all the lines. The meridians are almost like The Matrix, if you were to use different vocabulary.

Meridians are exciting because they are the Spirit of Chinese medicine. Without meridians, Chinese medicine does not make sense at all. It is all based upon this invisible network. Why do I say invisible network? The word network is too small of a vocabulary. It is not just the network. The meridians are the Universal network downloaded into your body.

Therefore, when we say, “the human being is between Heaven and Earth,” the idea is that the human being is between the UNIVERSE and Earth. You download the whole Universal network and function.

How easily you can have it! It is like you have four wheel drive and can drive easily on the city road, or if you don’t like it, you can go off road! You have a four wheel drive car. But you can also have much better! You can have the 007 car and if you want you can even fly or go in the water! It all depends upon your skill. The car is just the vehicle. TECHNIQUE is just the vehicle. I can give you the best car, but if you are a lousy driver you will still hit the tree. This is the driver’s problem, not the car’s problem. But unfortunately, today we always change the car. We think the problem is a lousy car, instead of going back to driving school!

Let’s go back to the meridians. The most important thing is that meridians are the Universal network. This invisible network allows you to make all the connections. Everything you want to know is already downloaded in these meridians. Meridians are beyond time and space!

I will give you an example. We often hear people say that nothing can go faster than the speed of light. In one second, light can circle the Earth 6 1/2 times. From what I see and know, your Qi in the Meridians is 10 times faster than the speed of light!

So because the Qi in the Meridians can go faster, this allows you to download so much information and can allow you to prevent future events. Because there are no accidents, how do you know that you do not sit here because of what you picked up 10-20 years ago or are preparing for what might happen 10-20 years later? This is possible because of the speed of the eridians. This is because of non-locality.

Meridians are invisible. They have the skill to connect visible to invisible. The location of the physical body and how it connects to internal organs is based upon the meridians. This cannot just be based upon the nervous system. The nervous system is materialized. All materialized things are not as fast as non-materialized. Our meridians are non-materialized.

Because the meridians are 10 times faster than the speed of light, this allows information and wisdom to download. Because the meridians exist, the body CAN heal itself. The answer is within. Why do we say the answer is within? This is because the meridians are within!

When we die, the meridians disappear. You can be missing an organ but not a meridian. Meridian damage can create a difficult condition that is almost impossible to heal at the physical level. I will give you two examples.

In Breast Cancer patients, doctors will biopsy and remove the lymph nodes in the arm pit. Even if there is no cancer, often the arm becomes swollen after surgery. No matter what medication is used, this swelling does not go away. We think it is caused by water, but water pills do not relieve the condition because this is caused by meridian damage. The surgery performed at the wrong time and space can damage the meridian. At the invisible level there was a change. This is a software problem not a hardware problem. The only way to heal it is through the meridians. Many patients are told not to have needles placed in the arm with swelling. It is possible to impact the swollen arm by needling the other hand. This is possible because everything IS connected. But to impact at this level, depends on the level of the acupuncturist. As an example, if the practitioner only has a 100 “dollars” to donate and 10 patients, he can only give 10 to each person. However, to impact this person they may require all 100 dollars. The practitioner may not have enough energy to impact the level of damage.

C-sections now account for nearly 45% of all child births. During a c-section, if a surgeon cuts at the wrong time or in the wrong way, they can damage the Stomach meridians. Following surgery, the mother may not be able to produce milk. Before the baby was born, milk production occurred and after the c-section milk disappears. Why does this happen? This is due to meridian damage. Because the meridian is damaged, the system does not function and the mother cannot produce milk. You must understand the meridians to understand this condition.

Meridians are the most important concept to understand. They show so many visible/invisible connections. They connect the body/mind. The mind can change so quickly. Acupuncture works so well because through the meridians we can interrupt the mind/brain function.

Meridians connect to the invisible life source. How do you know you are still alive? You are alive because your meridians function. Your meridians allow you to connect to life source. You should be so proud of yourself because you still have meridians! No matter how many times you donate from your body or take medication, as long as you have 1% hope, your meridians will function.

We stimulate meridians to stimulate life source. This is not about the body. The body is the vehicle. The meridians are the driver. Meridians are the most important thing!
Wu Ming Qigong, when practiced properly, will impact the flow of Qi in your meridians.”
Grand Master Nan Lu