Women Have Unique Abilities.

    Women have unique abilities to create life. Within this creativity is Spiritual purpose that transcends child-bearing.

    There are no accidents. Everything happens for a reason. Everything is God’s will. So how do we apply this fundamental concept and spiritual concept in life?  Without this, everything just is superficial.  With this, you will see the spirit behind life.

    Therefore in this life you chose to be in a woman’s body, think this way. Life continues. Your body is made up of cells, and your genetic line has been on this earth for millions of years. It’s the blood line. Therefore the cell continues from generation to generation. In this generation you collect your parents cells, their genes.

    Now, your spirit forms in the body. Therefore you make a choice, male body or female body. In this life you chose to be in a woman’s body. When I say you, I mean the spirit of you. The spirit of you chooses a woman’s body.  Once you chose a woman’s body, everything is God’s will. God or whatever you call Spirit will give you all the wisdom, technique, and strength you need in this life to be in a woman’s body.

    The difference between men and women is not just how you look outside but inside. Women can create  life, men cannot. Women carry life, men cannot. A man comes from woman not the moon!~ But women’s bodies are unique and can create life. Now apply this concept.

    You can create a baby, but you also can create life. Some people say, oh my dog is my baby, my house is my baby, my car is my baby — it’s a similarity.  This is the concept. You create a business, that’s your baby. Bottom line, your creativity is your baby.

    You can apply this concept and create a baby, nurture your baby, make everything your heart and your spirit wishes to make this baby grow.  So women’s bodies have the unique skill to create and nurture life.

    Now apply this-Everything you need is inside of you. Think of this as a software and hardware concept. In order to do something, you need software and hardware. Software comes from the spirit and is invisible from the Universe. Hardware is your genes, all your genetic code.

    So all the genes, software and hardware come together, then you need spirit. The computer can be hardware but inside is what kind of software?  What kind of software did you download? Even you have  hardware and software you still need to see whose operating it.  If you allow spirit to sleep, even the best computer cannot do anything.

    Now think this entire concept. If this is a women’s capability, how much did she explore her potential?  Life is mystery. Women have to see this potential. Take action truly understand life purpose. Experience this otherwise you might be sorry. Never feel sorry. Everyday is new day. Everyday is now opportunity. Opportunity is in your hands. You just have to take a chance and believe and have faith that everything happens for a reason.