Training Schedule

Phase 1: An Immersive Experience

This class is now full. A new session will be announced shortly.

We’re offering an exciting way to start your training. It begins with 2 days of intense training at the Garrison Institute, Garrison, New York, followed by attendance at the popular Dragon’s Way…Deep Dive.

This experience allows future instructors the opportunity to merge training with practical application. During the 2-day intensive, instructors learn 10 Wu Ming Qigong postures, and discuss how to view the human body from a Chinese medicine perspective.  Once the retreat begins, instructors are immersed in a first-hand experience and watch Grand Master Lu and advanced instructors teach. This allows future instructors to see how questions are answered, have time to interact with seasoned instructors, and to participate in small group practices. We view this initial phase as a unique opportunity to merge Dragon’s Way Qigong teachings with every day life.

  • Admission to Dragon’s Way Deep Dive, accommodations and meals are included in tuition.
  • Learn 10 Qigong movements and begin to build your personal energy foundation.
  • Participate in group sessions to explore the Five Element Framework.
  • Learn how to apply Chinese medicine teachings to the human body.

Our Training Center

We can teach you about Natural Law, but there’s a greater impact to experience nature’s cooperative relationships. Spending time in study at the retreat center enhances your understanding of Dragon’s Way Qigong. In addition, Grand Master Lu has designed every aspect of this property to energetically attract Universal support. Your time here is transformative.

Phase 2: Developing The Dragon's Way Qigong ® Teaching Skills

May 14-17: Four-Day Training in the Catskill Mountains

  • Assessment and refinement of Qigong practice.
  • Practical experience in teaching classes.
  • Continued studies in Five Element application.
  • Eating for healing and cooking lessons.
  • Join a group of certified instructors for mentorship.
  • Assessment of personal energy.
  • Guidelines for teaching your pilot programs.
  • Receive program and marketing materials.
  • Accommodations for three nights and meals are included in tuition.

Phase 3: Teaching Your Dragon's Way Qigong Program

  • Test your new skills and market/teach two pilot programs.
  • Personal guidance and support from TCM Staff.
  • On-going teleconference sessions.

Phase 4: September 10-11, Certification

Instructors in training gather for a two-day session at the Garrison Institute. During this session, future instructors will be assessed for their ability to carry the Dragon’s Way Qigong message. Grand Master Lu will also check your energy levels and offer guidance.

  • Continued development of Dragon’s Way Qigong technique.
  • Discussion and application of Dragon’s Way Qigong protocols.
  • Review of teaching style.
  • Certification verified.
  • One night stay along with meals included in tuition.

Phase 5: Continued Development and Re-Certification

Certification is a milestone in a life-long journey of accessing your own healing abilities and helping others access theirs. Once certified, you will be a part of a growing community of teachers and students who continue to learn and grow through ongoing workshops and retreats. Re-certification is not mandatory at this time but yearly attendance at one TCMWF weekend workshop is highly recommended for your continued personal and professional growth.

Financial Information and Application

30 PDA’s granted through NCCAOM.

Tuition is an all inclusive package. $3,900 is the total cost of your training. To help you determine overall costs, we’ve included room and board for three-weekend intensives, and registration to the Dragon’s Way…Deep Dive. Monthly payment plans available and a discount for full payment.

Monetary Rewards

Your financial gain is entirely up to you. Our goal is to share this extraordinary self-healing program through as many qualified instructors as possible. We do not ask for royalties, just that you follow the program guidelines and charge at least $199 for a six-week class.

Basically, once you have taught 20 people, your initial investment in The Dragon’s Way Qigong certification program is recouped. Thereafter, your income depends on your passion and your desire to teach.

Beyond Monetary Rewards

Beyond the monetary rewards are your personal benefits. You have now become certified, which means an entire lineage of masters stands behind you ready to support your work.


We interview all applicants to ensure that the Dragon’s Way Qigong path is right for you. Please download the application below.

Who should apply?

Life coaches, psychologists, health seekers, massage therapists, doctors, nutritionists, social workers, acupuncturists, yoga instructors, reiki masters, and anyone who believes that energy and consciousness hold the secret to rediscovering health.