Diagnosis: Challenging Cases with Dr. Nan Lu

September 26

Unlocking Solutions for Challenging Cases: Dr. Lu's Real-Time Traditional Chinese Medicine Analysis

Encountering complex and perplexing medical cases is an inevitable challenge for all practitioners. When the path to diagnosis and treatment is obscured, Dr. Lu steps in with expert guidance in the field of natural healing. With years of experience and a profound understanding of traditional Chinese medicine’s core principles, Dr. Lu specializes in unraveling the mysteries of difficult cases. His analysis is based on quantum principles such as Five Element Consciousness, meridians — including point location, and the interconnectedness apparent in  Yin-Yang theories.

Expertise that Transcends Complexity:

Dr. Lu aims to provide a unique viewpoint utilizing information that might have escaped notice assisting practitioners in recognizing the reasons and methods through which traditional Chinese medicine could hold solutions for complex cases.

In addition to acupuncturists and practitioners trained in TCM’s core principles, Dr. Lu also welcomes practitioners from all disciplines trained in western health models to submit their challenging and complex clinical cases.

For these practitioners, Dr. Lu’s expertise offers keen insight that fosters alternative ways of viewing health that benefits both practitioners and patients alike.

We have applied for CME and PDA and will announce credits shortly. The first three sessions do not offer Continuing Education Credits.

Tuesday evenings at 7:00 PM (ET)

How will this work?

Submit your case by completing a questionnaire.
Names of practitioners and clients are kept confidential
When your case is up for review, you will be notified via email.

Is there a fee?

Not at this time.  Once we are approved for continuing education credits, those who wish to apply will be charged a small fee.  As a teacher and mentor, Dr. Lu is hoping to share insights with other practitioners.

Submit Your Case

Complete this case intake form if you are a practitioner. Simply transfer your information to this form and email it back to us.  Practitioner names are kept confidential without express permission.

About the Presenter

For over fifty years, Nan Lu has been devoted to the study of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and the quantum understanding of and practical application of Qi. Guided by skilled mentors, his committed self-cultivation revealed to him the transformative significance of Qi. His well-established standing as an experienced TCM practitioner positions him as a sought-after instructor and mentor.

Learn more about his journey here.