Difficult Concepts with Dr. Nan Lu

June 11 - 25

Going Deeper into Difficult Concepts

Continuing the series, Dr. Lu focuses on simplifying and deepening complex concepts that often lead to misdiagnoses and ineffective treatment plans. The study of traditional Chinese medicine is an ever-evolving journey, continually opening practitioners to new insights into the various frameworks that align with the human body.

Over 4 weeks you will dive into

  • June 4: Dampness and Damp Heat: What is it really, how to diagnose and how to guide dampness out of the body.
  • June 11: Yin/Yang of organ function-What really does Kidney Yang or Liver Yang rising represent?
  • June 18: Needle Stimulation:  Is it necessary or does the practitioners Qi matter more?
  • June 25: TCM – As a  Functional Medicine Modality

About the Presenter

For over fifty years, Nan Lu has been devoted to the study of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and the quantum understanding of and practical application of Qi. Guided by skilled mentors, his committed self-cultivation revealed to him the transformative significance of Qi. His well-established standing as an experienced TCM practitioner positions him as a sought-after instructor and mentor.

Learn more about his journey here.