Dragon’s Way Qigong® 6-Week Class

April 3 - May 8
In Person

Natural Healing Journey

An incredible experiential program to bring the body into balance. Every area of your life is included from exercise, to eating, to understanding the power of your thoughts and the impact of lifestyle habits.

Using the Five Element Consciousness Framework you’ll learn how to understand the nature of each organ (Liver, Heart, Stomach, Lung and Kidney) and what each needs to maintain health. Situations you interrupt as illness may simply be signs of imbalance.

Often we take for granted the body’s innate ability to heal itself.  With and understanding of Eastern traditions of natural healing, you will adjust the way you eat, understand why stress zaps your health and learn how to release the tension.  You’ll use Qigong practices that stimulate the body’s intelligence and find yourself saying, I can’t believe how good I feel!

About your instructors

Elizabeth Wivell

Liz is a practitioner of Chinese medicine at the Tao of Healing Center, and is also an Occupational Therapist. Her dedication to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) shines through in her teaching style, where participants not only learn but also find pleasure in experiencing tangible results that aid the body in healing and restoring balance

“I love to share how this simple yet powerful program creates an opportunity to understand our bodies from a different perspective to support health and healing.  I can’t wait to guide you on this journey as we explore the beauty of this framework together.”

Alexandra Taggart

Alexandra has studied Dragon’s Way Qigong to broaden her understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the huge impact Qigong practice has on the body’s energy flow. Her love of this art makes her a relatable and skilled instructor.

The qigong movements have become a part of my daily life. This practice reminds me that it’s always possible to find a sense of stability in my body and now, I’m happy to share these teachings with you.”

Event: Dragon's Way Qigong®️ 6-Week Session