Emotional Release Practice

Emotional Release is a technique used to help release unwanted emotions from the body. Each emotion has a frequency that communicates with the body.

Emotional cleansing is a way to experience your tremendous healing ability. Each emotion has a particular frequency and each connects to a different organ in the body. You can release unwanted emotions by practicing this routine.

The concept of this practice is to focus all your attention and imagination on your emotions at the highest level.  This will help you release negative or lower level emotions from your body.

The practical application of this practice has three steps:

1.   Use your voice and scream!

Your voice is an energy frequency. It can carry your negative emotions out of your body. Start gently as your throat is a major energy intersection. Get to know your voice little by little. As you scream, imagine your frustration, anger and anxiety going out. Translate this to a real memory and create a picture of what is creating this emotion. What and who is your anxiety or frustration? See this picture in detail. When you scream, the entire picture will go out of your body and dissolve. Send it to the clouds, to the sky.

2.  You need a tear, so cry!

Crying moves emotions move from nonmaterial to material expression. In ancient times, they said: One drop of a tear can wash out a thousand years of sadness, and one drop of a tear can bring back thousands of years of happiness. This is your inherited gift, do not discount it. Crying is the inherited genetic power buried inside of us. We must use it. If you cannot use it then you have lost something important. Bring it back. Let the tears wash out all of your panic, anxiety, fear, frustration. Your tears are like a waterfall, like an ocean’s wave. Use your imagination. Please discover this power.

3.   Smile!

Feel gratitude. You are blessed. Know that God will bless you, Nature will bless you. Let the smile come from inside of you, to outside. With this smile, you connect to all of your genetic history. You connect to your healing gift.

When you practice emotional cleansing, you'll see the effect of your gifts and the promise of your entire life. You've downloaded this abilty before you were born.  Now is the time to use this gift.

This processing can be used by everyone and is a positive way to release unwanted emotions.