About Patient Care

If you are passionate about seeking body, mind, Spirit Health, we share an important energy connection. Deep within, your intuition is letting you know there is something meaningful for you here.

Everything we do is based on one core belief — the body can heal itself.
We each hold the key to our unique healing ability. The body contains untold wisdom that is often not understood. Physical and emotional conditions can be resolved by bringing the body into a state of balance. With our practitioners as your guides, you will experience better health and well-being naturally.

Chinese medicine has been in continuous use for thousands of years. It’s an ancient wisdom that is supported by modern science. Studies show its effectiveness in treating and healing the whole person. Each aspect of life is considered from emotions to relationships, to lifestyle and diet.

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What We Offer

Our practitioners and health consultants are rigorously trained by Grand Master Nan Lu to ensure clients and patients receive consistent care in all services. They create an environment where everyone can feel relaxed and rejuvenated.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine modality that stimulates the body’s natural healing ability. It is based on the belief that optimal health is the result of quality energy flow that enables the body’s organs to work harmoniously. Clients are helped to resolve issues and experience what true balance feels like.

local_hospitalMedical Qigong

Using Qi for healing purposes is an ancient art. Clients relax in a chair or on a massage table. The practitioner assesses areas of energy stagnation and uses hands off, energy transmission to stimulate Qi flow. All practitioners have been extensively trained for a minimum of 5 years. Clients report an increase in relaxation and an overall feeling of balance.

clear_allQigong Meridian Therapy

This form of energy stimulation is often referred to as a massage technique. While fully clothed, the client relaxes on a massage table. The practitioner systematically stimulates energy points and encourages energy (Qi) to flow. The relaxation benefits allow the client to connect with inner peace.

groupOne-to-One Lifestyle Guidance

Applying the principles of Chinese medicine, clients receive personal guidance to customize an actionable lifestyle plan. During one-on-one sessions, our health consultants assess a client’s needs and collaboratively create a plan of action that includes Qigong practice, healthy eating, and lifestyle guidance. Clients report remarkable results that have shifted life-time patterns.

Our Team

Each member of our team of practitioners has studied with Grand Master Lu for more than 2 decades. Training in the same system allows them to collaborate in a cohesive way to navigate the wellness needs of each of our clients.

Grand Master Nan LuFounding Director

Tatiana Philippova, LAcMedical Qigong Instructor

Deborah Cromarty HallahanTCM Health Consultant and Medical Qigong Instructor

Elaine KatenTCM Health Consultant and Medical Qigong Instructor

Irma JenneTCM Health Consultant and Medical Qigong Instructor

Go Deeper

To deepen your practice, you may want to check out these options:

Dry Salt Therapy
Dry Salt Therapy
In the heart of Manhattan, our dry salt room is a tranquil oasis infused with the purifying, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory benefits of pure mineral salts.
Begin your Qigong Experience
Begin your Qigong Experience
Energy, Everybody,Everyday (3E) is a great way to develop a daily Qigong practice. This 3E practice is simple, yet its benefits have far-reaching health effects. Practice daily for optimum results.
Grand Master Lu’s Podcast
Grand Master Lu’s Podcast
In daily talks, I will support you through these unusual times. Together we will discover the power of the human Spirit.