Why Partner with the Body?

What does it mean when you suffer health issues like arthritis, headaches or sleepless nights?

The body continually strives to maintain inner balance. What that looks like and feels like on the outside can be seen in your sense of vitality, even emotions and lack of pain or discomfort. If we look at any health issue as a sign of imbalance, and not illness, we have greater options to resolve any health concern.

The body will tell you where the problems lie. For example, joint pain prohibits you from being very flexible.  Flexibility issues are related to healthy Liver function. Interestingly, all health concerns can be traces to the health of your major organs and how well they inter-relate.

Take a look at the Five Element Consciousness Chart and study the various categories. In Grand Master Lu's podcasts he relates to this chart often.

If you like this way of thinking, you can access a full series called, The Body Never Lies in our membership portal.  It's a complimentary class to support you on your journey to understand the body's natural healing wisdom.